Ways To Increase Skin Collagen Production


Collagen is a circular protein that creates a net all over the body. This is what keeps the skin elastic, the joints versatile, and the bones solid. However, collagen quality decreases after a certain age, contributing to the production of wrinkles, fine lines, skin sagging, hair loss, bone loss, arthritis and a variety of other problems.

Collagen inside the human body is in a continuous process between development and degradation. Our body has collagen-destroying cells and other cells that produce fresh collagen. Good collagen tends to rely on this process to maintain the new ones.

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Stimulate the Natural Collagen Cycle:

Stimulating your own collagen process is inexpensive and healthy. The greatest thing is that doing so is completely normal and needs no treatment and drugs.

Mandatory 8 Hours of Sleep:

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Development of collagen in the muscles and tendons, sleep is essential to heal, regenerate, and renew the body every evening.

Gelatin Bone Broths:

The food you eat plays an important in generating collagen. An authentic bone broth where meat bones, joints, and skin are permitted to steam for 8+ hours can extract collagen from cartilage and other tissues.

Water Fasting:

Water Fasting: Benefits and Dangers

One of the most straightforward strategies to activate the collagen process is to drink water for 18 hours or more. What you need to do is stop eating, and only drinking water keeps you hydrated. We suggest applying additional mineral to RO-filtered water.

Upon eventually finishing your fast by consuming a complete, balanced meal, the body can go through an extreme period of collagen regrowth. Studies have suggested that stem cell development, HGH rates, and collagen production are on the rise after an easy. You wind up repairing collagen younger and safer than you used to.