Watch Sasha Baron Cohen Become An Israeli Spy in The New Netflix Miniseries


Sasha Baron Cohen is known for his comedic genius and strong acting. You can give him the most bizarre scene to work upon, and he will do it without a hint of nervousness. He is shameless, absurd, and obscene, and we love him for it.

Sahsa is a chameleon; he can become anyone, and you won’t recognize his real self. A sign of a great actor. Lately, Sasha is challenging his limitations as he is taking on some serious character, and I say the more of him, the merrier.

The recent project of Sasha is a Netflix miniseries on the life of Eli Cohen, an Israeli espionage operative who was active in the CIA. He infiltrated the Syrian Government on such a deep level that he became the Chief Advisor to the Minister of Defense of Syria.

I think Shasha’s performance will be dark, nerving, and convincing. The trailer suggests that it took a toll on his mind and he often confused himself with the lies he was becoming. But that’s what espionage business is all about; selling the lies like they are the absolute truths set in stone.

I think “The Spy” will be more than Sasha Baron Cohen. The story is convincing enough that I will watch it for sure. The personal element added in the story is of interest to me in particular. People are excited about the show already, and it will be successful by the looks of it.