Want To Know Everything About Startups? Watch HBO’s Silicon Valley


I’ve been watching Silicon Valley since its first episode. There are some moments in the show that I will count as the funniest scenes ever. Silicon Valley has achieved a standard that is so true to the startup culture that it will be a while before some other show catches up to it.

The show is about Richard Parker and his tech genius friends who created an app called Pied Piper. A compression app that significantly reduces file size while maintaining the exact quality of it. In terms of the tech revolution, it is like finding a mine of platinum. But Richard Parker and his friends are nerds who make things harder for themselves by acting with stupidity.

The characters of the show are the lifeblood of it. They can’t live with each other, and can’t live without each other, which creates some awkward and hilarious situations. One thing is for sure, throughout the, you will always be smiling.

The writing is well researched and immensely intelligent. Silicon Valley is a prime example for young entrepreneurs to understand what they are getting into and prepare accordingly. The show flips every page of the book of success and failure, and the solutions to the situations you can’t even imagine will come in your path. Young or old, if you have the burning desire to be up there; stop everything and binge-watch Silicon Valley.