Visit Wroclaw, Poland. A City Of Anti-Communist Gnomes


I prefer to visit cities and places who were once home to revolutions. Cities that stood against oppression and made a dent in history. The world has seen its share of dark times in the shape of wars and dictatorship. Wroclaw, Poland is one such city that fought innovatively against injustice.

Tourists visit mostly to experience the baroque architecture. But, there are another group of citizens in the city, the gnomes. These gnomes are 20 to 30 cm tall and are spread all across the city. A homage to the underground Anti-communist “Orange Alternative movement.”

The genius behind the “Orange Alternative movement” was the public protested in such peaceful ways like spray painting gnomes to mock the soviet regime. They were not breaking any of the laws and the authority became a laughing stock.

These gnome statues were installed in 2005. There are about 360 such statues spread across Wroclaw and there is a separate digital or physical map to hunt them.

These interesting little munchkins can be found doing daily chores like withdrawing money out of ATM machines, a doctor with his stethoscope, reading books by the pedestrian walks, and even performing dental surgery.

Each dwarf has its own name, backstory, and individual habits. The city has created a website  for the tourist to understand the depth of what these gnomes represent.