Vin Diesel Becomes Comicbook Superhero Bloodshot In the Upcoming Movie


Marine Ray Garrison (Vin Diesel) wakes up from a slumber, only to know that he remembers nothing of his previous life. He has been told that he is now a super-soldier with an army of Nanobots inside of him, to heal him, give him superhuman abilities, which basically means that his resurrection left him immortal. With a jolt, he remembers that his wife was murdered, and he seeks revenge and has it.

Again, he wakes up, remembers nothing, learns he is a super-soldier, seeks revenge for his wife’s murder and has it. The confusing plotline isn’t it? Ray Garrison’s memories are altered in order to eliminate targets his memories, his identity, and his freedom is stolen from him. He is nothing but a robotic slave. He must find out his truth and stop being a pawn in the wars of corporations.

Bloodshot’s trailer was amazing. It had all the right elements of an excellent comic book-inspired movie. The action seemed to be well-choreographed and the narration intriguing. The film is undoubtedly aiming for a worldwide audience, and Vin Diesel suites entirely in the role as he fits in the part of Bloodshot. His movies are well known around the world; it will be an advantage in marketing.

Other supersoldiers are also well designed to be allies and nemesis of Bloodshot. The movie is being directed by a first-timer, David S. F. Wilson. He must have had a pretty good creative vision to score the first gig on this scale. Bloodshot will be released on February 21, 2020.