Video Chatting Date Ideas For Quarantined Love


Relationships need intimacy; otherwise, the magic of love fades away. This coronavirus quarantine has drifted friends and lovers apart. But I am hopeful the dawn of this night will come soon and liberate us from the COVID-19 pandemic—a special shoutout to doctors and essential service workers for risking their lives to save humanity. College couples are getting bored a lot, I can see from their Instagram and Snapchat stories. The trend of video chatting on Skype, Hangout, and Whatsapp is raising the roof. I have a few romantic and positive ideas on how to make these online dates happy.

Dress like you are on an actual date

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Dressing pretty is always great, that’s why men like to go out with you, to adore you and show you off. You don’t need to throw on a cologne, but a pretty dress with a minimalistic makeup would do the trick.

Ask your partner for suggestions online

Show them what you have in your closet and them how you should dress. Such little things make your partner feels special and an important part of your life. It keeps the romance alive and keeps your bond strong.

Online dinner date

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Who says you can’t eat together when you are apart? Sync your dinner timings and come online at the dinner table. Chat, cheers, and celebrate a meal together. Such things will battle the loneliness of the coronavirus quarantine. We will not let the lockdown steal away our spirit.

A house tour

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Most of us are staying at home with our parents, maybe after so long. It would be nice to make your patterns have a virtual tour of your home. See where you grew up, your childhood picture albums and school trophies that your parents treasure so much. Maybe a glimpse at your toy collection.

Meet the parents

If you are serious about your relationship, make your parents meet them online, or you should meet theirs. You don’t need to disclose the nature of your relationship necessarily, but your parents also need to know who you surround yourself with.