Valkyrie, The True Story Behind Hitler’s Failed Assassination Attempt by His Officers


Valkyrie was one of my favorite movies of the year 2008. It was an excellent year for film as The Dark Knight was released in July that year, and Slumdog Millionaire won big at the Oscars. I think Valkyrie is still the best performance ever by Tom Cruise.

Valkyrie’s plot is based on the 20th of July,1944 plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler by his own officers and regain control of Germany. Valkyrie is an important movie for all of us to watch as a dark chapter of history which was written by Hitler was not completely supported by his own army.

There were some good men in the army of evil, and they risked their lives to make the world a better place. Colonel Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg (Tom Cruise) was a humanist who saw through the dark and demented agenda of Hitler, and he was the architect of the very assassination attempt that could have saved millions of lives.

If the plot would have been successful, it would have been the end of the Nazi Party, and also the end of World War II on the European front. How the operation Valkyrie was plotted, how it was executed, and how it failed; if you are willing to learn, please watch this brilliant film by Bryan Singer.