Ustraa Ammunition Base Camp, Ammunition And Rebel Cologne Soap Review


When you live in a family, we cannot deny that everyone has different preferences. But it is common for a family to use the same brand of things, but different flavours of it.

My family members use different soap as we have different skin types. The good thing is that we found a brand, which offered what we were seeking. Ustraa soaps come in a pack of three which are named after army mockers.

My choice of soap was Ustraa Ammunition, which is a charcoal-based soap with fragrance. The charcoal cleanses the impurities and excess oils from my face. Thus, saving me from any more acne breakouts.

My younger brother uses the Ustaraa Base Camp soap as she likes its peppermint fragrance that lasts long. When I tried the Base Camp, it had cooling effects on my skin, which I loved.

My elder brother used the Ustaraa Rebel soap, which had mild exfoliating properties. The walnut extract in the soap cleanse the dead skin cells and provide a glow to the face.

In conclusion, all these soaps are great; they don’t melt quickly and are worth the price. I would suggest leaving the soap on your skin for two minutes before washing it off for best effects.