Use Palmer’s Coconut Oil Hand Cream For Soft And Smooth Hands


I type a lot for a living; I am a computer programmer. Sometimes due to excessive work, my sensitive skin gets dry, once I caught eczema too. I used to apply standard moisturizers, I never knew about hand creams.

I found about about Palmer’s Coconut Oil Hand Cream online, and I researched the ingredient, I like what I saw and purchased it right away. After a month of usage, I like the product.

I use the hand cream twice a day, once after my shower and before I go to sleep. I take out a little bit of the cream rub it all over my forearms and palms.

All the roughness and dryness slowly faded away from my hands. I looked at the ingredients and understood the combination that helped my skin. The coconut oil smoothens my skin, causing any irritation or dryness to stop. Tahitian Monoï heals the cracks in my skin, and the almond oil softens my skin.

I am happy with the results of Palmer’s Coconut Oil Hand Cream; If you are looking for a hand cream, you should buy it trust me it works like a charm.