Unforgettable Scenes From Sacred Games To Relive Before Second Season


Netflix’s immensely popular drama from its ranks of original content, Sacred Games is going to be coming back for its highly anticipated second season. The show gained tremendous momentum among the Indian audiences and its back with engaging performances and an enigma that keeps getting twisted by the day. From Gruesome graphics to non-veiled references here are Top 5 moments from the show will which leave you enthralled.

Right from the opening scene, you realize that you’re not in an ordinary Indian TV program where the dog falls and is voiced over by Nawazuddin’s Gaitonde. “ Bhagwan Mai bharose karte ho?” (Do you believe in God?),“ Bhagwan ko L*** farak Nahi padta” (God doesn’t give a shit!).

In the decisive episode of 1st season ‘Yayati’ Protagonist Gaitonde reveling killing his own mother when he was a kid, and in next act, Guruji (Pankaj Tripathi) advises him over the phone “Relax your mind Look at the wall in front of you now think about the first time when you felt the fear in life” will leave you with intense shock and agitation.

Sartaj: “Where does this trash come from? Clean it today, but the next day the ocean brings it back. We catch hold of criminals every day, go home in the night and the next day again the same crime. ”

Katekar: “But it is clean today. Isn’t it? That’s more than enough. We will deal with it tomorrow”.

When Katekar is killed, his wife confronts Sartaj :

“Call him from your phone. No matter how deep his sleep was, he always woke up to answer your call. Please call him, maybe he will wake up”.

This scene at an eatery caters to communities who are strict vegetarians. Gaitonde plans to get revenge from his employer by inserting a chicken bone in a vegetarian rice plate.

Sacred Games season 2 Is coming out on 15 August at Netflix be sure not to miss it out!