Unforgettable Farsan Foods Of Gujarat


Many of you may not realize that Gujarat consists of Four parts, Kathiyawad, North Gujarat, Surat Gujarat, and Kutch. These Four Regions together produce what we know today of Gujarat cuisine. Here I will be speaking about my favourite breakfast ideas which will surely win you, heart, also.


Made from chickpea flour and grounded lentils steamed and tasty option for your dietary choice in the mornings. Traditionally side served with several slices of green chillies and tangy chutneys on a spacious green leaf the Kesuda, contemporary, civic version is followed in papers in Farsan (snack) chains.


Handvo is a rich and healthy breakfast food that is prepared with a mixture of whole ingredients such as bottle gourd, lentils, and cream. It features a sweet cake that can be heated and frozen and simply requires heat-up and led with ease of curry leaves and pepper seeds.


Panki makes for a ready and easy weekend plate that offers lovely characters. It consists of a delicate and thin pancake prepared with rice flour and settled between bananas leaves before being fried.


Thin sheets of flour mixed with buttermilk and curled in, timed with sesame seeds and that’s khandvi. The honest but aromatic curry leaves, coriander, spices, and grated coconut makes it altogether inevitable.