Underrated Thriller Movies That Will Leave You Speechless


Honestly, you have goosebumps throughout the movie. Thriller movies are one of the best genres anybody can watch if they want themselves to be IN THE PLOT. It’s like you there’s a twist at every point in the movie. You just can’t read the plot or the movie is never predictable. That’s what adds thrill in it. The plot is properly explored throughout and the main part is you are left with doubt or suspense of whether the ending is this way or that way. Well, a good story, a futuristic vision and an expert direction can make any film get a blockbuster tag.
Well, there are some films with jaw-dropping reactions but fails to catch everyone’s attention despite being extremely good. Here are my picks, check them out.


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The movie has a storyline so realistic that you will find it hard to believe. It is one of the best works of Anurag Kashyap. The movie depicts a heartwarming relationship between a father and a daughter under the screwed up situation of corrupt policemen, failed marriages and backstabbing friends. The movie was well directed and showed some marvellous work of the actors in it. Despite that, it couldn’t catch a lot of viewers.


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The concept of three orchestrates robbing a bank in which one of them was an ex-bank employee aimed to take revenge was one of thought. The story ended with losers becoming winners. The comic drop and the performances were mind-blowing.


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Guys, the whole time you’ll be like, what, wooh, how, huh? I mean honestly, this will be your reaction. The story revolves around a boy named Gaurav, who kills himself in room 404 and some years later Abhimanyu on insisting takes the same room. You will see Abhimanyu hallucinating himself talking to Gaurav. Every now and then there will be a thrill and will keep you engaged.


A movie based on Stephen King’s short story is said to be ahead of time. The movie deals with how a self-proclaimed Godman cure a chain-smoker like K with divisive methods. The movie reminds me of ‘A Clockwork Orange’, albeit less harrowing.

5. TABLE NO.21

It follows the harsh trends of ragging in colleges. Well, the plot in the movie is so thrilling that you won’t even blink an eye. The movie is based on a father aiming to take revenge for his mentally challenged son who sets up a game for a couple. A well-directed and ‘leaving your mouth open’ script didn’t get much popularity but on a scale of 10, 9.5 for this movie.