Have you ever been extremely hectic that you gave up on exploring with your hairdo? Well, I have, and it can be quite frustrating. But, over time, I realised that I could handle it with ease. There is a wide variety of attractive hairstyles that can lift your look! Whether you prefer your hair low or you are indulgent of updo headdresses, these simple hairstyles that I am listing down will solve your hairdo issues.

Before I show you how to do these hairstyles, make sure to have some hair clips and two different types of combs as I am holding. Without taking much of your time, here’s the first one.

Side Twisted And Pin

Clearly, this one is for the restless women who wish to have their hair down and lengthy. So, let’s begin. Firstly, you will need to separate two bunch of hair, as shown in the picture. Then, move ahead to tie them up. Now, you have to apply the hairpins as shown, and boom you are ready to go. I have been doing this style for quite some time now, and it is perfect. Let us now move on to the second one.

Fancy Half-Up

I have always been drifted to have a pretty but effortless look, and this one helped me achieve the goal. Firstly, you need to hold the front part of the hair, as shown in the first three steps in the picture. Then, you will take the same part on the left side, and keeping it steady; you will have to take the hair near the left side and knot the two bunches together. An elegant half-up is what you get in the end, and it is splendid, specifically for anyone who choose to carry their hair down and still feel free. Moving on to the third one.

Bumped up

This style is one of the most attractive and comfortable to do. I guess most of us prefer puffs. It starts low and at the centre. To achieve it, make your hair slight gentle. Now, hold your hair as shown in the second step, and then put them down, as shown in the further step. Yes, that’s it. The hairstyle is easy to achieve. You can apply hairspray to make them glossy.

I hope these simple hairstyles can drive you to feel serene and look gorgeous all day!