Why Tupac Shakur Is Considered The Greatest Rapper Of All Time


I don’t need to stress on the fact that Tupac Amaru Shakur or 2Pac is one of the rappers who revolutionized hip-hop. He did things that not many rappers have been able to do and that too in the short span. Tupac was shot at the age of 25 on September 7, and he died on September 13. Throughout his career, 2Pac was involved in many controversies, and the biggest one was the East Coast-West Coast rivalry. His death is still a mystery, but some people claim that the rivalry took his life. Whatever may be the reason, Pac’s death impacted the culture brutally, and it is still trying to recover from it. Tupac died even before I was born, but despite that, I listen to his music and can easily say that he is one of my favorite rappers of all time. He promoted himself as a thug, but from the heart, he was a gem. 2Pac was the best friend that you can have and the worst enemy you could ever imagine. He spoke his heart out in his songs and gave the world his words of wisdom. I cannot even stress how great his tracks are. A total of 12 2Pac albums were released, and among them seven were posthumous. And, he created all of them in the span of just five years. But, more things make him a legend. Let’s look into them.

Future prediction:

Tupac had a lot of songs where he talked about things, and then, those things happened in real life. One of the prominent examples is his prediction about his death. On the song, Niggas Done Changed, he rapped, “I been shot and murdered, can’t tell you how it happened, word for word. But best believe niggas’ gonna get what they deserve.” And, we all know that he was shot on 7 September and died on 13 September 1996. Another one is when he made a song about Biggie’s death. The Notorious B.I.G. died almost six months after Tupac, and he predicted that in his song before. Weird, isn’t it?

Working speed:

Tupac always said that his time on the Earth was limited and he wanted to do as many things as he could in a short span of time. The late rapper created so many songs in his five-year-long career that his seven posthumous albums were released. And, he wrote and recorded the whole All Eyez On Me album in the just two weeks. He was also known for recording two to three songs in an hour. Simply genius!

Influence on the culture:

We all can agree on the fact that Tupac had a massive impact on the hip-hop’s culture. He’s one of those rappers who is almost in everyone’s top 5 greatest rappers of all time. Well, it is hard to believe because his career was so short. But, his music speaks and feels relatable till this date. Kendrick Lamar, who is considered the young generation’s greatest, has been influenced by Tupac a lot. He credits the late rapper a lot for his career. Even Eminem has said many times throughout his career that Tupac made him believe in himself.

Impact on people:

I was not even born when Tupac died, but I can say that I can relate to what he said till this day. He rapped about people, problems, his life, what he saw in the society. People were and can relate to his music, his words. He made people believe that they are not alone, and he is with them. There are not many rappers who have made good songs about women, but Tupac’s Keep Ya Head Up is an anthem. He said women to keep their head up and men to not leave their baby mamas alone. He urged the world to respect women, and that’s something we don’t see in hip-hop.

The ability to tell a story:

These days most rappers don’t have any subject in their song. They just make songs that make no sense. But, Tupac was not like that. He was able to tell stories through his songs. Some of the best examples include: Dear Mama and Brenda’s Got a Baby. Just listen to them, and you will be able to tell that he was a lyrical genius who knew how to tell stories with rhymes.

An inspiration to many generations:

How many rappers can you name who have left a mark so strong that we will not be able to forget them? I know that there are not many. Tupac Amaru Shakur’s impact on people’s lives is unparalleled, and the words he said inspire them even today. He’s a true inspiration and hero that the world needed.

Tupac’s life may have been cut short, but his influence cannot be denied. He’s undoubtedly the greatest rapper of all time. We can argue, but you will not be able to deny it.