Trycone Onion & Argan Hair Growth Mask Is Complete Hair Care


Damaged hair can trigger a lot of unwanted hair issues. Hair fall, stunted hair growth, dandruff, and thinning of hair. It mainly is because of our poor diet and pollution that we face daily. What we cannot provide from the inside, must be provided to the hair through the scalp topically.

Trycone Onion & Argan Hair Growth Mask is the source of recovery I chose for my hair. I prefer Trycone brand because they have trustable products which deliver the promise.

The Trycone Onion & Argan Hair Growth Mask comes in a jar with a wide mouth to scoop out the mask. To use the mask, I first shampoo my hair, pat them try, take sufficient quantity of the mask, and apply it from tip to root of the hair; I keep it on for about thirty minutes, then wash it off.

The benefits of onions for our hair is that it is rich in antioxidants which helps in hair growth, thickening of follicles, and most importantly it prevents hair breakage. The argan oil will make your hair smooth, shiny and enrich the follicles with vitamin-E. It also works as a hair conditioner, which will reduce the frizziness of the hair.

The Trycone Onion & Argan Hair Growth Mask has fantastic benefits for your hair, and if you apply the mask regularly, you will surely save your scalp from being bald or damaged.