Try This Delicious Lavender Lemonade


Regular old lemonade is wonderful but it’s not cutting it for me anymore A great way to exploit the wonderful medicinal properties of lavender is to savour your lavender lemonade.

Lavender and honey are an unusual combination, but if you try it once, I bet you’ll want more. You will wind up with a reviving lemonade with an incredible taste, which will clear your mind. We as a whole know about nectar and lemon’s various medical advantages. Lavender is a solution for a sleeping disorder, nerves, improves processing and so forth. The medical advantages of each of the 3 of the principle fixings will get an extraordinary and amazing mending refreshment.


The ingredients used to make lavender + manuka honey lemonade are 1 cup of honey, 5 cups of water, 1 teaspoon lavender dried leaves, 1 cup fresh lemon juice, and ice cubes.

The process

Take the lavender flowers off the stems (no need to strip them) and put them in a medium bowl (a big stainless steel measurement bowl works very well because you can quickly pour it out). Pour the sugar over the flowers, then use your (clean) hands to roll the flowers softly into the syrup.

Place over the lavender syrup with 2 cups of boiling pan and stir with a tablespoon until the syrup has cooled. Cover and allow to infuse for up to 30 minutes (or several hours).

Drain the simple syrup flavoured with lavender, and pour it into a jug or cup that serves.

Mix in the juice of lemons. Stir in two more cups of water. Great taste and settle for tartness. When it is too spicy add more lemon juice. When too tart, add more sugar. For target concentration level add ice and more water. Remember that the ice will gradually melt and the liquid will dilute.