I will be brutally honest, we messed up our home. Humans have exponentially grown in population and we have exponentially devoured Earth’s resources to the extent of extinction of nearly 30,000 species. It is our responsibility to fix what we wrecked after all this is our only home, hurtling in a vast empty space.

As a deadly result of our actions, the climate is changing at a rapid pace now. Half of the coral reefs are gone. 54 out of 209 Natural World Heritage Sites are in critical danger due to climate change.

Traveling leaves a considerable trail of carbon footprint. Traveling emits a considerable amount of greenhouse gases, imagine the volume of travelers; how much of these toxins are released into the enviornment. We can do our part as the responsible residents of Earth. You can practice the following habits to keep the enviornment safer.

Limit the harm you are inflicting

Try traveling to destinations which can handle the number of tourists who are visiting per year. Anything out of the location’s capacity will only do more harm. Also, try taking direct flights to reduce your carbon footprint.


Research about the destinations you are visiting and if climate change is affecting the place or not like the pollution levels. There are tourism groups who will vet destinations according to their state and effect of climate change.

Support the local environmentalists

When you visit a destination, meet with the local vigilantes who are trying to protect the environment, join them in their cause. It will motivate them and inspire you to be more of use for the planet.


Social media is a powerful tool for spreading the right messages. A picture can speak a thousand words. Take beautiful and horrible pictures of the destinations. It will make people aware of what have we done as a species and what can be done to save what is left of it.