Transform Your Physique With These Basic Exercises


Keeping good health should not be an expensive thing, but it is. Those health products take a heavy toll out of our wallets, and those gym memberships are costly as it is, and we cannot own that heavy equipment at home.

The inexpensive secret lies in our body weights only; we can transform our bodies with these basic bodyweight exercises alone. With proper posture and correct methods, you will notice the difference.


The plank works on your entire body; it will build your core muscles, strengthen your abdominal muscles and shoulders too. There is a saying, “If you think a minute goes by fast, try doing a plank.” You will shake, you will scream, but it will be worth it.


Push-ups use almost your entire body. Begin at the plank position and push your body up and down, the trick is to keep your body weight in the center and try to push the ground.

Bird Dog

An excellent workout for your lower back, core muscles, and abs. Bird dog is recommended for people who sit all day due to which their lower back muscles get tight. People with lumbar pain should do bird dog every day.

Lying hip raises

Again strongly recommended for people with lower back issues. It is great to strengthen your glutes and the hamstring. Remember to squeeze your glutes when raising the hips.


One of the best exercise, in my opinion. It will burn your hip fat and build your core muscles. You can do them daily, and it involves the quads, hamstring, and the calves. Remember to make a 90-degree angle between your hamstrings and calves.