Touching Tale Of Love and Friendship: Dil Chahta Hai


Dil Chahta Hai has been a darling for movie lovers, exclusively because of the diverse subjects of millennial life it struck upon. A film about wealthy urban metrosexual Indian youths with their very own interpretation of love and growth. It showed us to negotiate with crises in our lives with the assistance of our acquaintances.

A typical Bollywood movie of the period would have better or less the same storyline involving a hero, female, and antihero. But somewhere different storylines make some films special.

This one also is driven by a different storyline, which is noticeably often relevant to realism. Dil Chahta Hai portrayed teenage heart- the progression from youngsters to men. Childhood friendship in the construct of three friends and their numerous trials represents the foundation of the film.

It further throws light on particular problems which are considered anathema to date in our community regarding marriage and affairs. It is not a Bollywood masala film with heroes, thugs and love stories but touches rarest of the points yet to be acknowledged.

You can connect yourself to the spirits here and there or the narrative, and this is a very important subject. We all have endured the cordial of living elsewhere in the present or past or would cherish to live so. And an extraordinarily strong storyline which carries a blend of melodrama, humor, and sentiments.

Even if the producers ever seek to create a sequel to Dil Chahta Hai on the big screen, we know how they will wreck our childhood memoirs. Leave this film alone, please!!!