Top Women Hair Trends For 2020


Hairstyles are a statement. Period. Be it a bold short hair look or a chick fleek long hair look, you just gotta rock everything you carry. Jumping into a whole new decade, it is a calling for new trends, new styles, new parameters and new statements. A trend, you’d not even in your wildest thought can think what can it be. It ain’t a whole new style but something you have already seen something already settled but in a modified version, in a whole new avatar.
Cutting it short, as 2020 is here, we gotta have some new trends which will rock any street style, celebrity or a posh look.

The Jawline Bob

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The length will strict stop at the jaw. The cut should be sharp, clean and straight. It is advisable to avoid severe layering. The shape of it will focus on the neckline and jaw like symmetrical frame all over your face. The best thing about this look is it’s endless styling options. Give it a bounce or middle partition to match it with your outfit, giving it a perfect sleek, shiny finish.

Shang Bangs

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Go all retro with the re-emerged trend of Shang bangs. As already stated, trends are already settled long lost styles which are relived by adding some modification, similarly, Shang bangs are one of the coolest styles you can add on with any type of lengths. If you are on the fence, then go for a clip bang as it isn’t a long-term commitment. I mean it’s a perfect chick look you can try on for a change or experiment.

Round Afro

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Natural curls have a different look in the world of hairstyles. The coils and shape are what meaks it stand out. The rounded afro is one of the most popular looks. This will ensure to keep the coils healthy and the fragile strands safe. Although there are many ways you can style your curly hair but this as for now is my personal favourite.