Top Movies To Stream On Netflix Right Now


Netflix is full of classy and new original movies. Over the years, we have seen rapid growth in the consumption of online cinematic content. I have been a Netflix junkie ever since it was introduced. If you are also someone who is looking to watch something this winters, then you are in the right place. Here are my picks for best movies on Netflix right now. So, grab your popcorn and chill.

12 Years a Slave

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If you have not watched this masterpiece, then here is your time. Based on a real story and what happened back to the ’50s, this is a fantastic story of slavery in the past. Perfect binge watch for the weekend.


The court is one of the originals and trusts me, and this story is fantastic for a watch. It plays around the life of a social activist. He uses folk music to spread this message. Scrutinized with every detail, this is an excellent watch.

District 9

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If you are into the gore and action thriller, then you will like this. District 9 is primarily about the aliens invading the space. Calling it their grounds and a group of workers finding their support from the government itself.

Doctor Strange

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Well, well. There are a lot of action movies out there, but nothing can beat a superhero one. Especially if the superhero is Benedict himself. The story of Marvel Comics’ infamous sorcerer aka doctor. If you haven’t watched this awesome Marvel creation, then you need to watch it right now.


Starring Ryan Gosling, this is an excellent movie. The film deals with love, crime, hatred, and guess what action! If you are a Ryan Gosling fan, then you cannot miss out on this fantastic piece by him.


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It might be an odd choice on the list, but it is a must-watch. Directed and starred by Ayushman Khuranna himself, this story is based on a thriller plot. It can be depicted as a black comedy thriller as well.