Top Five Steven Spielberg Films That You Just Cannot Ignore


Steven Spielberg is among one of the most influential people to have ever worked in the Hollywood. The well-known director has entertained countless viewers in his nearly half-century long career, but the following five films are what I humbly deemed his best directorial efforts. Have a look!

Schindler’s List

Spielberg never preaches or engages in contrivances designed to manipulate our emotions with this movie. He puts Schindler, the Nazis and Jews out there for the people and allows us to figure it out. The result is a profoundly moving and compelling human drama and an example of film-making at its best.

Saving Private Ryan

Rare films like Saving Private Ryan offer a glimpse of just how good the world could be despite the evil that pervades it. Depicting the invasion of Normandy Beach and several bloody conflicts that followed, Private Ryan drew in viewers with the tragic quest of Captain Miller (Tom Hanks) and his squad to track down the last surviving brother in a family of soldiers.


Lincoln is an undersung masterpiece and one of the most peculiar entries in the Spielberg canon. It’s a masterful film that proves he can’t be easily defined. Preceding the conventional “greatest hits” biopic route in favour of concentrating on the decisive few years of Lincoln’s life, Spielberg’s film recounts the history of the president’s journey to pass the 13th Amendment that prohibited slavery as the cruel Civil War came to a close. It accomplishes most as an exhibit for all the incredible acting talent involved, particularly the incomparable Daniel Day-Lewis in the title role.

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Spielberg collaborated with George Lucas to produce what would ultimately become one of his most enduring films. A feat of acting, writing, and direction, Raiders endures today as perhaps the adventure expedition by which all alternatives are evaluated and confirms Spielberg’s position as the greatest of all leading mainstream directors.

Jurassic Park

It’s hard not to be emotional about Jurassic Park because, for a generation of moviegoers, it was nothing short of a miracle. It’s a phenomenal, timeless film, and it’s utterly Spielbergian in every possible way. Spielberg is a magician of a filmmaker and with Jurassic Park, his marvelous skills are on full display as he elevates Michael Crichton’s source material with sheer humanity, and most importantly, wonder.