Top Beard Styles You Require to Know In 2019


The sole question a guy has to seek about facial hair these days is which style to have. Well, I can understand this because I also face a similar situation every time I am out at a salon. Here are the best beard styles to suit both your face and your identity.

The faded beard has turned into an attractive style for hipster guys. By tapering your sideburns and beard into your hair, your barber can build a vivid, neat look.

This style is nicely trimmed, making it look perfect. The beard can take a few days to turn to its given size. The style also causes men with weak jaws to look particularly strong. 

This style is perfect for square, oval, and round-shaped faces. This beard is sharper and simple with the rounded endpoint. The mustache and the beard are later blended uniformly with trimming of the same hair length across to attain a smoothie appearance.

Short on effort, big on style, the goatee has long been the facial hair choice for rock stars, intellectuals and those with a wayward, rebellious streak.

Falling somewhere between stubble and a full beard, the beard-stache is a combination where the mustache is retained longer and richer than the surrounding hair. It’s a polarising style from the hot new thing to the outer hair equivalent of a mullet, but when made right it oozes masculinity.