Top 5 Reasons That Cause Upper Abdomen Weight Gain


The upper abdomen or belly is the easiest place to gain fat. It looks bad, and it will disturb your health and make you a lethargic person. There are two types of fat, one is visceral, which is accumulated near a person’s organs. The next one is Subcutaneous fat, which is accumulated under our skin as muscles. There is no one single reason that causes upper abdomen weight gain. There can be several causes, which if you know the source of, you can eliminate. It can be a habit or a situation, diagnose it and the cure will find its way.

Being overweight and gaining fat in the upper abdomen can lead to many serious diseases. Heart-related issues including heart attack are most common in obese people. Breast cancer, colon cancer, type 2 diabetes, asthma, and even Alzheimer’s. I agree that today’s fast lifestyle does not allow us time to maintain our fitness, but all the money we are earning will be swallowed by sickness, little changes in lifestyle, eating habits, and exercises are the simple solutions for long and healthy life. Sitting is the new smoking. If you sit all day, you should be aware that your life expectancy will reduce if you don’t compensate for it.

Limited or no exercise

Why health experts put so much emphasis on exercising at least five days a week? You have to keep your body moving to keep it healthy. Metaphorically speaking, if we don’t move, our bodies will be rusty. A moving body is a healthy body. If you don’t exercise, the extra calories and blood sugar running through your body won’t burn. They will be stored as fat cells, causing immense weight gain. You should exercise regularly, it will keep your heart healthy, your lungs detoxed, and will keep those calories burning for your digestive system will be on its optimum performance. Walk, lift weights, or do cardio; just keep your body moving.

Bad diet

It is true, we are what we eat. If we eat junk food, our organs will work like junk. Our body detoxifies itself every day, our diet will determine how efficient the detox is. Poor detox will allow toxins to stay in our body, which will hinder the burning of fat, burning of blood sugar, and slow our metabolism. A poor diet will have all the negative effects in your body in the long term. Your digestion will become weak, the pH levels will be imbalanced. The inflammation of your body will invite many diseases. Switch to an alkaline-rich diet and you will feel younger, stronger, and happier every day.

Excessive drinking

I do not object to having parties decluttering your mind, and having fun once in a while, but never make drinking your habit or an escape from your problems. Alcohol is treated as sugar by your body, the extra calories will be stored as fat in your cells, the liver puts a lot of effort to digest alcohol. Be mindful when drinking as alcohol has addictive chemicals. Drink less and once a week, that will be healthy for you.


Stress is the main antagonist of our lives these days. Stress just not hurts our mind, it hurts our body on a molecular level. When we are under pressure, our body releases a hormone called cortisol, it helps manage stress, but it also hinders our metabolism, increases cravings for junk food, alcohol, and all other comfort foods. We consume too many calories and it ends up in our upper abdomen as fat. Being under stress for a long time can cause many problems such as type 2 diabetes, blood pressure issues, and obesity.

Lack of proper sleep

Healthy sleep leads to a healthy life. Lack of sleep will disturb the hormonal balance of your body. It will also increase the inflammation, make you moody, and drain your energy, causing you to eat emotionally. Whenever we eat emotionally, we eat more than the calories required for our body. This is bad news, if you make not sleeping a habit, imagine what it will do to your body. You will gain a lot of weight in no time. Sleep at least seven to eight hours a day for a healthy and toxin-free life.