Top 5 Movies On School Life


School life is the best time of everyone’s life. You are happy, without any real-world problems of earning and managing families. Your friends are genuine, at least the two of them. Having fun is the ultimate goal of school life. There are movies which remind us of the innocence of childhood, and there are movies which show the anticipation of becoming a young adult. All of them are on this list.

Mean Girls

This particular film is considered as the crown jewel of school life drama. It exposed and sorted the problems of teenage girls who feel superior to their fellow classmates. Mean girls is a must-watch for young girls who are feeling insecure in their school life.

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

Welcome to the island of misfit toys. One of my favourite movies which actually solves the fear of growing up. I am sure this film makes you a better person and will help you form the mindset and opinions needed for the next phase of life.

Taare Zameen ParĀ 

Some movies change stereotypes and cultures, Taare Zameen Par is one of those films for India. A dyslexic child is suffering from more than just a condition, it’s the oblivion of the society to understand his creativity and issues. How would you feel when you know nothing about life and be scrutinized for being yourself. Taare Zameen par solves that.

Dead Poets Society

Robin Williams had the secret of keeping everyone happy and motivated. Dead Poets Society explores the dreams of children who are suppressed by their parents. It is a beautiful film which suits both adults and children. It works as a bridge between the generation and makes it easier to understand each other.

Stanley Ka Dabba

The journey of Stanley and his tiffin. Stanley is a jolly little kid who does not bring a lunch box at school, he shares the tiffin of his friends. One day he begins to bring the tiffin at the school and his life becomes complicated. His teacher is bullying him for lunch. Want to know what happens next? Watch the movie.