Top 5 Movies About Music


It’s the music that binds all humanity. When the rhythm in on and loud, we forget our differences and enjoy it like a single organism, When the melody combines with the screen magic happens and all our senses feel the joy of being alive. No matter the genre, if the music is good, we dance.

There are movies who allowed us to experience music through a story. The conception of melody, the infusion of vocals, the pain and pleasure of lyrics. They took us to the note where nirvana and pain met and at that moment, life had a meaning.

These are the movies which made us love the art of music even more. 


2006 was a bad year for movies, but it was saved by Once. Shot with a Handycam on a minimal budget, the movie portrays the life of a street musician trying to make a living where he meets a girl who shares his passion. They fall for each other and make songs about their love in this beautiful film about love, music, struggle, and peace.

Begin again

A record label executive (Mark Ruffalo) discovers a talented amateur musician (Kiera Knightly) at a bar and forms a platonic friendship with her. They create music and bonds which ultimately leads them to fix their life for the better.

Walk the Line

The biography of the legend Johnny Cash. Juaquin Phoenix embraced the soul of Johnny Cash and gave a performance of a lifetime. The movie mostly focuses on Johnny’s love for June Carter and his addictions and how he overcame his hardships through music.


This gut-wrenching film about Jazz music is close to perfection. A ruthless and maniacal jazz instructor (J.K. Simmons) and an aspiring jazz drummer (Miles Taylor) form a peculiar bond which turns into enmity. Whiplash is about passion and perfection. Only those who pay the price can buy the dream.

A Star is Born

Bradly Cooper revealed to the world that he is a great musician too. A star is born is about hope, love, and self-destruction. A musical genius falls in love with a bar singer who tries to fix his addictions. The songs they touch your heart. The acting performances feel natural, and the treatment of the camera is sublime.