Top 5 DIY Lipstick with Natural Ingredients


DIY lipsticks are amazing, and they are made out of natural ingredients, which makes them better for usage. Wanting to scope out for a great DIY lipstick for yourself? Well, don’t worry because these top five DIY lipsticks will be perfect for you.

DIY lipstick with Beeswax and coconut wax

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Add some coconut wax and Beeswax into a bowl and then heat them together. Add some fragrance into it and then add some essential colors as well. Mix them well with a spoon and then add to your lipstick tube. Roll it up, and here is your DIY lipstick ready.

DIY lipstick with chocolate

Want to have a fantastic lip balm for yourself? Well, then add some chocolate into it. You can put some chocolate chips and some essential oils. Then you can stir it thoroughly and then pour it in a container for keeping it.

DIY lipstick with raspberry and lemon

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Add some raspberry and lemon into a bowl and then stir them together. Once you shake, it forms a solid wax-like structure. You can put it into a container and then apply it to your lips. Your dry lips will be smoothened out pretty quick.

DIY lipstick with essential oils

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You can add essential oils to some wax, which is organic. Then you can stir them together and then put them inside a tube. You can add them to your lips, and your lips will look amazing with the use.

DIY lipstick with rose

You can pluck some rose and then put them into a hot pan. Make a syrup out of it while adding wax. Then you can apply the entire mixture on your lips. It will be perfect for your chapped lips.

These DIY lipsticks will help you and fix you for the rest of the day. Want to try them out? Well, there is fun in doing.