Top 5 Aerobic Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat


If you ever tried to get rid of the extra pounds in your body, you already know how incredibly hard it is. The burning exercises, the panting, and resistance to temptations, the whole core of your ceasing to exist when you decide you want to lose the fat. It has become an embarrassing thing for you, old clothes don’t fit anymore, new ones just flaunt your glorious belly. Belly fat is not just about looks, it is unhealthy for the long term. Heart problems, diabetes, and liver problems are a few of the major consequences of being obese. Aerobic exercises are practised to reduce belly fat. These are the exercises that don’t require you to necessarily go to the gym.

Our diet and lifestyle have everything do with it. I agree with the fact that being obese can be due to genetics also, but you can exercise and control the accumulation of fat. Diet will play the primary role in your weight loss, but when you make a weight loss plan, it must include exercises. Green leafy vegetables, salads, cutting back on calories, eating protein-rich diet, and abstaining from trans fat and alcohol are few of the practices you need to follow.

Aerobic exercises make you stronger, healthier, toned and increase your endurance. If you perform aerobics regularly, you will increase your lifespan, be biologically young, be focused, energetic, and happy all day. What else do you need? The melting of belly fat through aerobic exercises is the healthiest lifestyle change you can make. If you are willing to put the time and control your appetite, these are the top 5 aerobic exercises for you to lose belly fat.


Running works your whole body. You will sweat, you will pant, be exhausted at first, but something inside of you will feel happy. These are the happy hormones that are being released when you run. Seratonin and dopamine. When you perform aerobic exercises like running and jogging for more than twenty-five minutes, your body exhausts the extra blood glucose, and fat begins to melt and is used as energy. Those who run regularly, have no extra weight whatsoever, their muscle mass remains dense even at an old age.


We walk every day, but not enough. We have to walk at least 30 minutes a day and take 10,000 steps per day to remain in our fitness prime. If you have an issue running, you can always take morning or evening walks. It will have the same effect on your body as running, but it will be less intense. Slow and steady wins the race, you will also. Walk for at least five days a week and that belly fat will be gone in no time.


It is the best aerobic exercise you can perform. The water makes it harder to move your body, it’s the resistance that burns more calories than any other aerobic exercise. Even a slow swimming session will burn an average of 400 calories for you. If you are a fast swimmer with good stamina, you can easily burn 600 calories. Swimming will make your muscles stronger and will give you an athletic look. When you swim, your body will burn calories round the clock, so the actual calorie burning count will be much higher.


It does not matter if you are burning calories on a stationary cycle or a normal bicycle, if you are into cycling to burn your belly fat, you will get there sooner. It is a wonderful, economical, and environmentally friendly practice to ride a bicycle. Like swimming, when you exercise on a cycle for thirty minutes, your body will burn calories even when you are not exercising. The calorie burn of cycling depends on the intensity of your movement, a moderate movement can burn 300 calories in just a matter of 30 minutes.

Lifting weights

If you think that lifting weights at the gym won’t burn your calories, you’ve been mistaken. Pump those muscles up with the right form of exercise and you will be liberated from the chains of belly fat. Make sure that you eat the right kind of diet with exercising if you eat fat after workouts, your muscles will absorb fat, that’s why it is recommended to eat protein after workouts, to gain lean and strong muscles. Five days of lifting weight in a week are ideal for shedding belly fat.