Lord Venkateswara Temple, AKA Tirupati Balaji temple is the wealthiest Shrines in India. Lord Venkateshwara is also known as Govinda, Balaji, and Srinivasa. The temple is constructed in the Dravidian style of architecture. It is situated amid the Seshachalam hill range and is located on the Tirumala hill. The sanctum of the temple is called ‘Ananda Nilayam’.

Legend has it that God Vishnu took the form of Balaji at this very place to save humanity from the torment of the modern era (Kali Yuga). An average of forty million people visits the temple every year, which makes it the most visited religious site in the world.

One of the mysterious things about the temple is that the lamps which are lit inside the AnandaNilayam never are perpetually lit. They are burning from ages and never have they ever extinguished. Another belief is that the statue of Lord Balaji inside Ananda Nilayam is very much alive. It never cracks with reaction to camphor (Technically it should). The back of Lord Balaji’s statue is perpetually moist.

No one understands the origins and the reasons for these mysteries. The idol of Lord Balaji remains warm even though the temple his located on a cold hill. According to the priests; when they take off the ornaments from Lord’s idol on every Thursday, these ornaments are warm in touch.

The shrines demand a strict code of conduct for all pilgrimages visiting. The sensation you feel around Tirupati Bajali is truly a spiritual experience.