Tips To Avoid Computer Eye Strain


Sitting the entire day in front of computers can cause you cervical spondylosis, eye problems, body pain, and whatnot. I am someone who needs to sit more than 16 hours on the computer in a day, and I am often worried about my eyes. While figuring out ways for myself, I came to know some really good things that can help people like myself. To avoid a host of other issues, try to make these easy adjustments to your routine, and I am sure you will find them effective.

Your computer’s relation to your eyes is super important to know. Use a computer stand or even a stack of books to position your monitor or laptop so you’re only looking down at it at a ten-degree angle, max.

Try doing simple and under-the-radar but effective exercises like this abb-engaging desk-chair swivel that requires zero equipment and will keep your blood flowing.

If the text is too small, you’ll squint, and it is the number one culprit of eye fatigue and headaches.

Try giving your eyes a break. Staring at a screen all day not only weakens your vision, but it could lead to a disorder known as Computer Vision Syndrome, an umbrella term for all the eye problems staring at a computer for extended periods could cause.

Drinking water is essential to good health, but besides promoting weight loss and better skin and higher energy, drinking more will force you to get up from your desk every once in a while to refill and to pee.