Tips and Tricks To Choose A Perfect Wine Rack


Do you see yourself as a wine connoisseur? Love splurging on wine? Well, then a perfect wine rack is what you need to display your beauties. However, it should not be just a place to keep your wine bottles; it should be classy, trendy and up the style quotient of your home. So, ready for some wine rack tips and tricks? Here we go!

Storage location:

Where do you want to keep it? The location is of key importance because here is where most people falter. Many people choose the kitchen but let me tell, you could not be more wrong. Kitchen is not suitable because it has fluctuating temperature and the sunlight can ruin your precious wine. Therefore, your storage location should be ideally your basement or a cooler unit such as wine cooler.

It also depends on the wine you are planning to store. Ideally, the basement is suitable for those wine bottles you are planning to consume within months as the temperature can rise in basements as well.

Storage space:

The most important factor to decide the storage space depends upon your wine consumption. What kind of bottles do you buy? How much do you drink? Answer these questions carefully and then you’ll be able to select the wine rack you need. This is because a certain type of bottles cannot be stored in a common kind of wine racks as they are quite large when compared with others, for example – champagne.

Materials Required:

These days, steel racks are quite in demand. However, I beg to differ. Nothing beats the classic style and finish of wood wine racks. Also, from a construction perspective, a wine rack made from wood last longer and is more stable when it compared with steel. However, if you are choosing wood, make sure that you have got the thickness of the wood right.

Well, these tricks will win you accolades not only for your choice of wine but also for your eye-catching wine rack! Cheers!