Tinting, Microblading Or Lamination- Which Eyebrow Treatment Is Best For You?


As the world is evolving, people are increasingly becoming aware of the opportunities around them. The market has now acquired all kinds of methods to make a face look perfect.

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One such case in point is that of an ideal eyebrow. Eyebrow legends like Lily Collins and Deepika Padukone have attracted a lot of attention in the past few years. This has made a huge number of women look for eyebrow treatment methods. Thus, an important question to ask is “Tinting, Microblading or Lamination- which eyebrow treatment is best for you?

What happens during tinting?

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Tinting- Tinting is a procedure where you smooth semi-permanent dye over your brows. This in turn will form and outline your natural arches. It takes about ten to fifteen minutes when done by a professional. It is important to know that like most temporary treatments, tinting will also last for around five to six weeks. One thing to keep in mind, however, is the fact that tinted eyebrows are supposed to be kept away from oil-based products.

What happens during Microblading?

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Microblading- Also called micro-needling, microblading is a process in which very fine strokes are implanted on the skin using a needle. A medical grade pigment supplements the needle. The pigment is carefully applied on the epidermis layer of the skin. This helps in creating realistic and personalized strokes- differing from one face size to the other. It lasts for about eighteen months but you have to get a top-up in about 6 weeks.

What is laminating?

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Laminating- It is a procedure of reconstructing the brows to keep them in the shape that you want. It is a perm for your brows, giving them the desired shape for six weeks at a stretch. It keeps the brow brushed and lifted upwards.

Most women run after beauty products and laser treatments to maintain impeccable features. Then there are supermodels and actresses who further establish a trend that most women deem necessary to follow.