Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri is What Hope is About


Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, This is the banalest and weirdest movie names ever. But, when I saw it, it was one of the greatest scripts, and cast ensemble Hollywood had ever produced.

Mildred Hayes (Francis McDormand) is a grieving mother whose daughter was raped and killed, still, there is no arrest by the police neither the investigation is leading to one. Furious by the injustice, she rents three billboards and displays her anger, inciting the town to hate her, and the police to take some action. Due to her courageous and rebellious act. The town is split into two opinions, and the Police department is hating her.

William ‘Bill’ Willoughby (Woody Harlenson) is the sheriff of Ebbing and a good man. He is dying from cancer, trying his level best to keep his family happy and provide justice to Mildred Hayes. Jason Dixon (Sam Rockwell) is a dim-witted racist cop who lets his emotions take the best of him, and gets him in trouble all the time.

All of these actors gave a performance of a lifetime to grip the audience a near-perfect movie. Francis won her second Oscar for her performance, and Sam Rockwell bagged his first.

In the times of the #metoo movement, Francis McDormand gifted the world a character who is so strong that it inspires us to be courageous, collected, and caring.

My favorite quote from the movie is “You aren’t trying to make me believe in reincarnation, are you? Because you’re pretty, but you ain’t her. She got killed. Still, no arrest, how come I wonder because there ain’t no God and the whole world’s empty and it doesn’t matter what we do to each other? I hope not.”

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, will motivate you to raise your voice against injustice and inequality in the cruel world of ours.