This Stand-Up Video Explaining The Worst Situation Of Assam Floods Will Make You Feel Sorry


Remember a few days ago Mumbai floods literally stopped the whole city? Yes, you know that right because of the vast media coverage. But, an Indian state is going through 100x worse, but half of the country doesn’t even know. The media isn’t even covering the floods. I am talking about Assam. The northeastern state of India, like every year, is facing a harsh flood. After seeing the footages of the situation there, I am shameful that whatever happened a few days ago in Mumbai, we called that flood. What happened in Mumbai was just a waterlogging issue, but that the people of Assam are facing is a true flood.

Due to the flood, people don’t have anything to eat; they don’t have clean water to drink. But, we, the rest of India or should I call the real India doesn’t even know that Assam is going through so much worse. A comedian named Abhineet Mishra raised his voice in order to make India aware of the Assam situation in a stand-up way. He writes ‘This is a Stand Up Video, not a Stand-Up Comedy Video. This is to stand up for over a million people in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh who are battling floods in silence. This is an annual carnage, and yet little is done to deal with it. The focus we give to tragedies in Northeast India should put us to shame. This is an attempt to reach out to those who can help our folks in Northeast find the road to recovery. I am hopeful we will deliver.’

Assam is also the home to the Kaziranga national park which is home to 80% of Indian rhinos. The Indian rhinos are endangered species with only around 2400 left. The 90% of the Kaziranga national park is covered under water putting danger to one of the pride of India- the Indian Rhinos.