This Is How You Can Deal With Periods While Traveling


My vacation is always planned keeping my periods in mind. I win (err.. I mean it in a negative way, obviously) the jackpot when it comes to my periods. From PMS thoroughly to stomach cramps, backache, and even occasional migraines, I go through it all.

But, sometimes the inevitable happens. Despite all the planning, you end up with your periods as your travel companion. What do you do then? Worry not darling, I will tell you how you can deal with it while you discover your wanderlust soul.

Always be prepared, no matter what

Maybe, you have just had your period and feel unnecessary to carry any period-related products. Totally understandable, but also a mistake. Always carry your emergency travel kit with you. It must contain your pad, tampons or period cup, whatever it is that you use, painkillers, heating pads, and whatever other items that you require when your uterus does its job.

Also, if you are travelling abroad, you need to be extra careful because you might not get the medicines and the female hygiene products that you are used to. So, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

There are a few other things you must do to help you enjoy your vacay even on your periods;

  • Drink loads of water and eat healthily. At least try to eat healthily.
  • If you want to drink, make sure you do it in moderations as it can enhance your PMS symptoms. So yeah, that’s not something you are looking for on a vacation.
  • Tea with peppermint oil works like magic.
  • Try exercising. It helps when you are on your period.

So that it darlings! Hope this helps.