This Is How Bangkok Trips Can Be More Romantic Than Any Other Beach Destinations


Well, when all you need is to make her smile then what better than in the ‘Land of Smiles’ – Thailand. As much as the tag will make a good advertisement, so will be the experience of the journey to the land where there was even the existence of the ‘White Elephants.’ From its fantastic street food to the cutest elephant rides, it can always be relied upon as a perfect getaway for couples, especially during the summers and monsoons. With all the tourists flooding in the bay areas, Bangkok always has had its way of welcoming people. Here’s why you should be almost ready to book you and your babe two tickets and just have some fun out in the sun.

1. Silent beaches.

Now, Thailand may have a lot of islands, and it is pretty packed up on the famous bays, but amongst all, there are still a couple of beauties left to take your breath away. You can always spend some quality time enjoying the sunsets, walk down the memory lane with the moon looming right above you. Nothing could be even more romantic than starry nights with just the special one next to you.

2. Take your massages.

Well, massages are just like medicines, and when you’re in Thailand don’t let go of such relaxing opportunities, seize them. Thai people are literally out of the world when it comes to their massages; their hands will work like bread and butter until you even realize that your masseuse has done his part. The massages come pretty cheaply compared to any other place, but if you want to splurge that hefty budget of yours, I don’t think you might want to come back home, as their foot massages might be something you have been looking for all these days. Just like after every tiring day from your office, you need to take some food, consider the massages to be the same. And, of course, make sure you do it together if you’re still working on your bucket list.

3. Bathe them, don’t ride them.

Beaches might be an excuse to come to Thailand, but you have some time and cash to spare, you must go to Chang Mai in the North. And if possible, make this one a road trip as the countryside views of Thailand are just exhilarating, it should take you around 3-4 hours from Bangkok to make it there. While you’re at it, visit the Elephant Nature Parks, spend some time with the loveliest of animals of the jungle. If you must know, Elephants are smart and loving; they don’t mean any harm with their trunks and neither should we.

As much as riding elephants can sound romantic, it is a request from my side to not appreciate such activities as its invariably affects them. And trust even the rides, as I have heard are not comforting.

4. You gotta take a boat, to fly through paradise.

Be it your honeymoon or just a weekend, the tours with a lot of people might just not be the right place for you. You can just rent a tail boat for 50 dollars, in fact, exploring islands of Koh Phi Phi and the coastline of Krabi is a dream experience, which will make you crave to come back to Thailand. You really need to feel this… it’s just so overwhelming I tell you. Just coming back to the mainland when the sun’s setting is gonna give you chills… I shit you not.

5. Railay got the vibes.

Railay is definitely one of the places you should tick before leaving. It’s like the mystical land of the avatar, totally isolated yet, not an island. The place seems to be the just so different to other islands. Although the island manages to lure in a lot of tourists in the day, staying back at Railay is a shot worth giving. The beaches out in the west of the island become pretty silent at night, book the nearest cozy resort from the beach and maybe have a late candle night dinner later.

6. Take a dive, gaze in.

Many couples would prefer sitting out on the beach, soaking in some ‘ D, in that case, Koh Samui provides the most appropriate beach scenarios. With an airport of its own, Koh Samui has many beaches stretched towards its extremities. The shores have the cleanest water, its as if you could see everything beneath. And, if you’re in this town you need to see to check out the penis & vagina rock (yes there are such rocks). There might be many tours involving elephants, as islands like Koh Samui & Phuket have elephant trekking parks (for tourism), which you must avoid. Koh Samui has got one of the best resorts, so if you’re looking to relax and spend some money, I think you should know the answer.

7. Maya Beach.

The famous Maya Bay – clear blue water, with exaggerated mountains you can’t beat.  If you didn’t know, Maya Bay’s the face of Leonardo di Caprio’s early 2000 movie ‘The Beach’. It has the definition of aesthetic engraved in the very core of its rocks. If you’re looking for a perfect Instagram picture, this is the place you should book in your mind. Although, you need to be there a bit early, as due to its attraction it gets very crowded later in the day. So just grab a towel, and your snorkeling set to gaze into paradise.

And, if you’re scared of water, then sorry for killing your vibe




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