This Is A Perfect Affordable Alternative Of Airpower


For digital geek- cables, plugs, chargers, power strips, batteries, more cables, and more chargers are a part of his tangled life. Keeping this thought in my mind, I will be reviewing here- ZeroLemon Extreme Charge Station, which is a brilliant alternative charging solution needs in all in one.

It can charge almost all of your devices in one go that too in one power plug; there comes in charging station. Aimed at making your life hassle-free it can charge upto six devices comprising your Laptop, Mobile, Earbuds to iPad in one go. This station packs the power of 135W with a dock for Apple Watch, two USB-C ports, 10W Qi-Pad and more. Which means that the power output is also quick enough to charge the devices and gadgets quick enough.

When travelling, I like to pack up the least cables with me due to space issues. Being a geek, you need a charger and cable for every device nowadays. Somedays you need an adapter for MacBook, somedays specific charger for Apple watches and phone. Though in the past a few universal chargers have come in handy but they didn’t solve all my problems at once.

To meet all the basic needs, this ZeroLemon station is on stop solution. The company has listed for 59$ to MSRP of 99$ on Kickstarter. For this price range, I would recommend this station, and you can always put trust in brands like ZeroLemon because of great reviews on Amazon.