This Deleted Scene From Avengers: Endgame Will Leave You In Tears (Spoiler Ahead)


August 13 is the date when Avengers: Blu-Ray is coming to town. Endgame was an emotional movie for me, and I feel it that it was the same for everyone else. What I am most excited about is that I will get to see those nostalgic time traveling moments again, and yes that climax scene where Captain wields Thor’s hammer and orders “Avengers Assemble.”

How do we say goodbye to our heroes? it is the most difficult to let that part of our lives go which made us believe that no matter the circumstances you can still save yourself. Tony Stark was that hero for me. He taught me that a man can be anything, “Genius, playboy, billionaire, philanthropist,” and of course, the savior of the world.

I am Iron Man

As the Tony snapped Thanos and his acolytes out of existence, he made the ultimate sacrifice for all of humanity. Even the Marvel Cinematic Universe will continue, Tony’s legacy will always be in our hearts. We love you 3000.

There is a deleted scene in the Blu-Ray edition where Tony has been given a keel down in honor of his heroic sacrifice that ended the Infinity war once and for all. If you are in a bad mood do not watch that deleted scene. Heroes will come and go, but there won’t be anyone like Tony Stark, the Iron Man.