Things To Do When You Are In Kyoto!

Exploring Japan!

Iconic view of Daigoji Temple in autumn. Kyoto, Japan. A World Heritage Site since 1994

Are you planning a trip to Japan? If yes, there is a place that I would suggest you check out – Kyoto: the cultural capital of Japan. Every year, Kyoto draws millions of tourists from different parts of the world because of its rich history and culture. People throng its beautiful Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines and discover the peace they were missing. However, I would like to take the road less travelled here; here are some off-track destinations that go beyond the main city of Kyoto. Here we go!

Byodo-In Temple:

It is a UNESCO world heritage site and one of the gorgeous temples you would see in Kyoto. Since it is located in Uji city, it is less crowded; so enjoy exploring without being pushed and shoved. Check out a 10 yen coin to see the main hall of the temple etched on it.


If you are one of those people who will go to any length for a scenic view, then this is just the place for you. Amanohashidate is one of the three most sought after scenic views in Japan and located in Miyazu Bay, Northern Kyoto.

Wazuka Tea Plantation:

Want to know where Kyoto gets its world-famous matcha and gree teas, then you should check this out definitely. Located in the Wazuka town, lose yourself in the arrays of tea plants. There are several activities for the tourists such as tea ceremony lessons, tea-picking activity and so on.

Kototaki Falls:

Ah! nothing looks more majestic than water falling from a height. It is believed to look like a 13 strings harp (koto) and thus the name: Kototaki (harp fall). You can find it in Kyotbana town and is the tallest waterfall in Kyoto. The forest surrounds it from all sides and makes for a breath-taking view!

Feeling excited about a Japanese adventure? Pack your bags and head out to Kyoto! Have you been to Kyoto before? I would love to know about your experience! DM me @the_malelhi_girl