Things To Do When Visiting Budapest


The first time I heard about the city Budapest was in the movie Avengers, how Clint Barton, the Hawkeye talks about the crazy event of Budapest to Natasha, the Black Widow. Ever since I was curious about the city. The fascinating thing about Budapest is that most of the places in the city are UNESCO Heritage Sites.

Budapest is the conjoining of three cities from the West Bank to the East Bank. Buda and Óbuda at the West, and Danube and Pest at the East. Budapest is the most populous and the capital city of Hungary. I found these places most fascinating to explore.

The Hungarian Parliament Building

The building is the house of the Parliament of Hungary, a major tourist spot, and is the most massive structure of Hungary. The view from the Danube adds more charm to the view of the building. Hungarian architect Imre Steindl designed the parliament in 1902. If you visit the building, do not forget to check out the marvellous “Central Hall.”

Gellért Baths

The elegant open-air pool and spa, which is also a wave pool will make you feel posh once you dive in. There are several types of baths and spas available at the place. The experience here is different than any other bath complex in Europe.

Danube Promenade

You may have taken walks along many promenade beaches, but the view from Danube Promenade is awe-inspiring with a dark history. The shoe monument at the edge of the Promenade is a memorial to the Jews who were killed by the Nazi’s in World war II. They were asked to doff the shoes in the edge and then were shot at so they would fall into the river.