Things That Might Happen If You Stop Wearing Makeup


Makeup has always been something that every girl loves. It helps them to bring out their best features, hide flaws and make them feel confident in their actions. We have so many YouTubers as well as influencers who don makeup like its very dreamy and only achievable for makeup artists of celebrities. Now that the world has got closer, people like sharing their hacks and techniques that are easy and on the go. If I am not wrong, makeup can also act as a trojan horse it may hamper your healthiest and good looking face and slaughter your smooth looking skin eventually if applied daily. 

Dermatologist recommends that wearing way too much makeup can expose your skin to chemicals and toxins. The chemicals in lipsticks, mascara, eye pencils can cause serious harm also. Being without makeup can do wonders for our skin. Makeup free look will benefit in more ways than one would know. 

Smaller pores:

When you apply makeup it goofs up with your pores. It dries up your skin making it more patchy. 

Products like foundation, blush, concealer might help you look good and define your features but at the same time underneath the surface, they accumulate in the pores leading to widening of pores and dirt thus resulting in acne and other skin problems. Going makeup-free would minimise your makeup usage thus make the pores smaller and will give a smooth finishing. 

Reduction in breakouts

If we start applying less makeup or rather no makeup then it would make us expose fewer toxins on our faces. We all know that we refrain from cleaning our makeup brushes on a regular basis like we’re supposed to. All these germs clog your pores and thus lead to breakouts. The root cause of skin problems is nothing but makeup. The lesser the makeup the clearer the skin. 

Reduced Wrinkles 

The makeup that you use to hide those underline wrinkles of your face adversely affects your skin elasticity. Makeup tends to settle into our fine lines and wrinkles which just adds to a persons signs of ageing that we try to hide behind that makeup. So instead of dipping our face into makeup, we need to embrace our true face which would actually embrace our face and skin at the same for a longer duration. 

Fewer infections as fewer bacteria on your face

Since the skin won’t be impacted by various bacterias or germs due to no use of makeup, no use of makeup brushes etc then the skin doesn’t try to defend itself from the attacks thus improving our skin’s immunity. 

Say Sayonara to headaches

We always like looking good and it the treasure of our confidence and power. If our skin is infected or we get acne then we lose our self-esteem. We ought to think of those allergies that led you to face this day. As the beauty product is highly incandescent they tend to emit fragrances that might trigger unpleasant scenarios,