These Workouts Will Make You Look Hot In Your Jeans


Looking in the mirror, I wondered can I get a toned body wherein my body looks apt with the jeans that I wear, no hanging of fat or tummy tucker to hide my stomach? We all have dreamt of looking flab to fab and fat to fit. Well, the truth is no matter how many lower abs, obliques and lower back exercises we do, we can tone down our muffin top into anything. The fat needs to be taken care of, and one can get rid of it through weight loss.

One can firm the muscles which will make them look sleek, better and burn calories that will help them get a toned stomach. Below mentioned work out would make you insanely fit and help you burn your calories and get a gorgeous core!



Step 1: Lie face down on the floor, place your palms flat on the floor such that they are below shoulders. 

Step 2: For pressing inhale and lift your chest off the floor then pull your shoulders back and extend your head towards the ceiling. 

Step 3: Exhale and come back to your original position.

1a. Bicycle Crunches

Step 1: Lie faceup on the floor, hands behind your head and elbows positioned in such a way that they are pointing out to the sides.

Step 2:  Lift shoulders and feet to paddle off of the ground. Drive right knee in toward chest and rotate your torso to drive left elbow to knee.

Step 3: Alternately the right side, extending right leg, and driving left knee and right elbow toward the center. A cycle of 15 seconds works better 

1b. Plank Bird-Dog

Step 1: Get into your high plank position.

Step 2: Keep your core tight and maintain plank position, lift straight right arm to extend forward and lift the straight left leg as high as possible.

Step 3: Return to the start position, then repeat on the other side, lift your left arm and right leg.

Do 15 reps 

Repeat moves 1a and 1b such that you complete 3 sets 

2a. Side Plank Toe-Touches

Step 1: Begin on either side plank, rest your elbow with fingertips pointing forward maintained at an angle of 90 degrees.  

Step 2: Bring straight left leg forward and straight left arm forward to touch fingertips to toes in front of the belly button.

Step 3: Return to the original position.

Do 20 reps on each side.

2b. Mountain Climbers

Step 1: Get into your high plank position.

Step 2: Drive right knee in toward chest, then return to high plank, and draw left knee in toward chest and the return to high plank position. 

Step 3: Continue alternating quickly while keeping your core tight and hips in line.

Do 20 reps

Repeat moves 2a and 2b such that you complete 3 sets 

3. Plank Twists

Step 1: Rotate your hips to your right, lowering until right hip taps the floor.

Step 2: Lift hips back to centre, then rotate hips to the left, lowering until left hip taps the floor. 

Do 20 reps.

Get your diet on track and above-mentioned exercises would take care of the rest. These exercises for your abs, back, and obliques are vital if you’re looking for how to get rid of the tummy fat that is bothering you.