These Things Cause Adult Acene. Are You Aware?


You are here, that means you are going through the stupid adult acne problem. I know, it can be frustrating because getting rid of it is not easy. Now, I am sure that you might have read numerous things related to this topic and would’ve been following the things mentioned, but you might not be getting the results. If normal skin routines are not helping you out, then the problem can be different. Keep reading to know what is causing adult acne.

  • You use oily skin products because you think it is good or you were told to do so.

I have told whole my life that if you have acne, then it is because of oily skin. But, that’s not true all the time. If you have different skin-type, then too, you can face this problem. Some products made for oily skin can dry out and exacerbate acne. The primary task oily skin products do is dry out the skin and it can somehow increase irritation and make acne worse.

  • You are over-exfoliating.

Now, most people think exfoliating regularly or five times a week would do wonders. Well, that’s not at all true. When you exfoliate more, your skin tends to become reddish and vulnerable to bacterias and finally, leading to the formation of acne. I would suggest you opt for exfoliation once or twice a week only.

  • Stress is killing you.

Stress is a big thing when it comes to your health and also skin. Stress controls our cortisol and other hormones, which are linked to acne. If you don’t reduce stress by meditating or exercising, then it might become problematic for your skin.