These Pandemic Themed Movies Are Trending All Over The World


Ever since the breakout of Coronavirus, people seem to be losing it. Folks are naming their babies corona, idiots are making ridiculous songs, I think Coronavirus will be on the cover of TIME magazine soon. In the lockdown, millennials are trying to understand what happens in a pandemic, what better option than to watch some entertaining and insightful movies. These movies are trending all over the internet.


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I think Contagion is the best movie in understanding the dark scenario of an epidemic. The movie sent chills down my spine. I hope things don’t get much worse, but we have to prepare for anything. Contagion is the guide to survival and a devastating forecast of the future.

28 Days Later

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Essentially a zombie movie, but it provided some interesting insight on the post-apocalyptic world after a virus breakout. Directed by Oscar-winning Danny Boyle, 28 Days Later is more of a personal story. Because in the end, it’s all about the ones you love.

Children Of Men

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This movie broke my heart but kept me on the edge of my seat. I was so much in pressure all the time, every scene is cringe-inducing. Humanity has lost its ability to procreate, we are on the edge of doom. A brilliant film to make us realize the value of life and both the sides of humanity.


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On a lighter note, Zombieland is the perfect franchise to watch when you want to make the best out of this worrisome situation. Action-packed, funny, and a star-studded ensemble. I love both the movies, they will make the time fly by.