These Movies About Food Will Make You Drool


My two passions are eating and watching movies. It becomes a delight for me when these two come together. Movies about food and its preparation have a different vibe and soul to them. The passion in intensity displayed by the characters is something I can relate to, keeping that in mind; I have narrowed down to these few films that you should watch if you are in the mood for food.


Burnt is a film about a drug addict but a genius chef Adam Jones (Bradley Cooper) who wants to rebuild his career and earn his third Michelin Star. The film is full of passion and man’s struggle to find himself amid self-imposed darkness. The way Bradley Cooper acted and the insights of the high-end restaurant business makes the film worth watching.


Probably the best movie ever made on food. The comedy-drama is written, acted, and directed by the legend Jon Favreau along with an ensemble cast. The heart of a chef is all about the taste and preparation of meals. Those who love food, love perfection in their meals, Chef is about letting everything go and enjoy doing what you love the most.


Many films will come and go, but Ratatouille will have a special place in the animated film industry. Such an original movie with a strange yet beautiful idea, ‘Anyone can cook.’ A rat who is a chef, and the son of a chef who can’t cook. The synchronization between them is like having a hot and perfect combo meal.