These Delicious Creamy Smoothies Will Fulfil Your Protein Needs


I know you are looking forward to a healthy 2020 and that’s an awesome thing to do. One of the first things that we all need to do is make sure that our body gets all the necessary proteins, minerals and vitamins. But, sometimes intaking them cannot be delicious. I mean, it is not always that your favourite food items will contain the necessary proteins that your body needs. And, eating yoghurt by mixing protein can also get boring after one point.

Well, don’t worry because I started to hate the protein and yoghurt mix. And, here are my personal favourite protein-packed smoothies.

# Raspberry Vanilla Smoothie

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Just add a cup of raspberry with two spoons of greek yoghurt and vanilla essence. Of course, add your preferred protein supplement. This tasty smoothie can be taken with breakfast or during lunch. One of the best things is that raspberry is high in fibre.

# Mango Smoothie

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Now, this may sound pretty ordinary but it has a lot of ingredients. You will need to mix Greek yoghurt, banana, mangoes, unsweetened coconut, vanilla extract, honey, and chia seeds together. This ultimate smoothie will satisfy your tummy and tastebuds as well. Chia seeds will help in doubling the protein content of the smoothie.

# Blueberry Banana Protein Smoothie

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This is another tasty smoothie that you should get your hands on. You just need five ingredients, including blueberries, bananas, ice, Greek yoghurt, and milk. Just blend them together for 3 minutes and you are ready to feast on it. The smoothie satisfies the need for protein and if you are looking for better results, you can opt for chia seeds.