These Are The Best Movies On Journalism You Need To watch


There is a price we need to pay to know the truth. What we see today is more of sensationalism and less of journalism. Media is the bridge of our society or else the men in power would wreak hell on the public. Revolutions began with news and the movies which told the inside story of the scandals that shook the world should be watched by us all.

The Post

The Post:' Interview with Screenwriters Liz Hannah and Josh Smith ...

Directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep, The Post reveals the story behind the revelation of the Watergate scandal. True journalists are willing to go to jail for the truth to be heard. The Post is a story of duty and fear.

Shattered Glass

Why All Journalists Should Watch Shattered Glass - Plagiarism Today

The true story behind sensational articles which turned out to be fake. What happens when a corrupt man joins the world of honest men. The movie blew my mind. You will be amazed by the outrageous nature of these events.


Film Review: Spotlight | Consequence of Sound

The Oscar winning movie shook me to my core. It is one of the films which are so simple yet so powerful. When four journalists investigate the truth behind a child molestation complaint of a local church, all hell breaks loose. Spotlight is based on true events and it is a must-watch movie for all.

All The President’s Men

How 'All the President's Men' Defined the Look of Journalism on ...

This movie is called as one of the most significant films of its era. The story of how two investigative journalists figured out the men behind the Watergate scandal, which caused the resignation of President Nixon. If you are into classic cinema, you will love All The President’s Men.