These Are The Best Movies Coming On Netflix In November


I admit it; I’m Netflix junkie. I spend atleast for two hours every day on Netflix watching my favourite shows or movies. But most of my time goes into searching what is new or what else can I watch. So I decided to search for everything that was coming on Netflix and listed out the best movies that we all can watch without thinking twice.

These are the best movies coming to Netflix in November which includes both fresh releases and old ones.

The Irishman

One of the most anticipated movies of the year where all the legends of acting are coming together after so many years. It is a Martin Scorsese film which means it is creating an Oscar buzz. The early reviews of the movie are in, and critics love it. The Irishman will be released on November 27.

The Matrix Trilogy

Probably one of the most eye-opening movies of all time. Keanu Reeves describes the film as a documentary rather than a work of fiction. Unprecedented action, a conscious script and a fan following of millions. The Matrix trilogy is already released on November 1; you can binge-watch it now.

Step Brothers

One of the most hilarious Will Ferrell movies. Two losers who live with their single parents are suddenly stepbrothers who initially hate each other but become best friends, what follows is an adventure that will tickle your funny bone. Do not miss this one. Step Brothers is out on November 1.


The recent release of the Zombieland sequel raised the demand for the first film for a Netflix release. Dear fans, your wishes are Netflix’s command. You can now watch the hilarious and exciting Zombieland which brought something very fresh to the table of Zombie movies.