There Will Be Blood Review: Unapologetic Tour de Epicness


If you ask one movie that provokes inner me to ask myself what greed will do to a man who has a plethora of everything success & money you name it but at last has nothing, I will name There will be blood. It is an epic drama created by a legendary director Paul Thomas Anderson (PTA). He created a morbid tale of obsession, betrayal, and greed. This masterpiece has everything that a movie aficionado would ask for; Epic performances by one of the GOATs, Daniel Day-Lewis, and some most magnificent cinematography and screenplay of all time.

Many performances have come and gone some left. And I dare to say one performance which entranced in the mind of billions is Daniel Plainview portrayal by Daniel Day-Lewis. There is a sublime beauty here that not even a broken nose can disguise. D-day mannerism, his voice, physical movement, and his emotions are just a thing of beauty. I could write a full article just for his performance, and that would not be enough to praise his almighty.

Pta cinema is just so damn unique. It’s all up to us. But the caustic manner in which he visits universes and delivers his views to us is so compelling, so imperious, so captivating, thus provoking that the reality leaves you puzzled and uncertain. But also fascinated, and altered in its way.

This film raised the bar for everyone out there. Paul Thomas Anderson’s work to every aspect of this film is extraordinary, from the starting twenty minutes to film’s score, which I have found out was criticized but which looks perfect to the last nail Daniel Day-Lewis in his league of its own and me. I will see this film, again and again, to look at something so coarse and so touching and so gut-wrenching that will raise a question at reality, and this is why I love movies.