The World’s Top Party Towns


I am a night owl; I am always looking for the next party destination. I have this wanderlust to attend concerts and enjoy the nightlife of as many cities; I can. My adrenaline rushes upwards when I witness a night alive.

Every city has a nightlife, but some towns are exceptional when it comes to, losing yourself into the music and the moment either with friends or a partner. The world parties hard and these are the places which party the hardest. Who knows where you end up and who you end up with when you are in these vibrant cities.

Belgrade, Serbia

The people of Belgrade know how to make the most of every night. The crowd is always alive and jumping in Belgrade’s mainstream clubs. The mainstream clubs play music of various genres like R’n’B, pop, alternative trance, and jazz.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv is the party capital of Israel. The city never sleeps whether it is underground clubs nearby Rothschild boulevard or elite clubs at the chic Neve Tzedek. My favourite place to chill in Tel Aviv is the alternative bars on the beach; these places are open till the last customer leaves.

Dubai, UAE

Partying in Dubai is an expensive affair, but if you can afford it; this is one of the most exotic party destinations of the world. Home to the most luxurious hotels, you can meet influential people on the famous private Yacht parties and meet people from all the corners of the world.

Bangkok, Thailand

One of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. Bangkok has everything for everyone, exotic beaches, go-go bars, elite nightclubs, and casinos. Whatever your vice is; Bangkok is the place to let it explode.